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E-commerce: Mobile Device Mania

We all saw it coming. The mobile device takeover is here and it isn’t going anywhere. The mobile trend started out as a way for customers to search products, read reviews and compare prices. With the increasing technology and a shift towards apps for every store, customers are beginning to feel more comfortable making purchases… Read more »

Flash Sale Sites On The Rise

High end items at a steal are every shopper’s dream. Lucky for them, the flash sale industry and pop up sales are growing at a rapid pace. According to a source from BIA/Kelsey, the flash industry will rise to $6 billion in 2015. That is an approximate 80% increase since 2010. With the economic downturn… Read more »

Shipping and Handling Free Shipping

Unlike traditional brick and mortar retailers, e-commerce retailers have to account for shipping & handling costs, which they typically pass along to the consumer. To make up for the additional costs, online retailers are forced to offer discounted pricing. This tends to be fairly effective when drawing a consumer into the shopping cycle. After all,…